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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chace & Peyton

Kristi… here is what I’ve done for now. I normally go thru the photos 2-3 times before I feel finished, but these are my ‘catches’ from round one. :) I only posted the ones of the kiddos because I figured those were the ones you needed for the Gap thing.
IMG_7463 copy IMG_7605 copy IMG_7913 copy IMG_8109 copy IMG_8254 copy IMG_8514 copy IMG_7868 copy IMG_8495 copy IMG_8168 copy
IMG_7517 copy IMG_7492 copy IMG_7894 copy IMG_7907 copy IMG_7923 copy IMG_8188 copy IMG_8383 copy IMG_8365 copy
IMG_7534 copy IMG_7599 copy
IMG_7676 copy IMG_8145 copy IMG_8413 copy IMG_8449 copy IMG_7537