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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stephanie C.

I spent this beautiful Sunday morning photographing Stephanie, her husband, and their daughter. Stephanie is due in September with a baby girl they’re naming Drew. They are such an adorable family and I had so much fun with them!!! =)

IMG_3571 sig 
IMG_3573 sig unsat 
IMG_3593 sig
IMG_3692 sig blackened
IMG_3587 sig IMG_3597 sig
IMG_3609 sig IMG_3628 sig IMG_3636 sig IMG_3651 sig bw
IMG_3669 sepia sig
IMG_3673 sig IMG_3690 sig IMG_3696 sig IMG_3699 sig IMG_3702 sigg IMG_3706 sig IMG_3738 sig
IMG_3719 sig IMG_3735 sigg
IMG_3723 sig
IMG_3748 sig IMG_3733 sig